Cataract Surgery

Inside our eye, there is a lens and a cloudy lens is known as a cataract. The most common cause for a cataract is aging, but other conditions such as diabetes can cause a cataract. Symptoms of a cataract include glare at night, blurry or “foggy” vision, and hazy vision.

All aspects of cataract surgery are covered by OHIP and is provided at no cost.

However, emerging technologies have allowed us to offer you options so that we may obtain the best possible surgical results. Some of these options are not covered by OHIP. Ultimately, it is your decision whether you would like these additional options. Your surgeon will personally explain so that you can make an educated and informed decision. For more information:

Laser Capsulotomy (post-cataract surgery laser)

If you have had cataract surgery, you most likely have a plastic lens implant in your eye. Sometimes, this plastic implant can get cloudy and develop a film over its back surface, like “cellophane.” This can cause cloudy or hazy vision.

This film can be removed using a laser and often this will result in improved vision.